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Our History



Special Projects Group, Inc. has built its reputation entirely on quality – the quality of the people who grace us with their presence every day and the quality product lines that bring the solutions you need. For more than 20 years we have developed our company on the foundation of excellent service, and it is that service that truly sets SPG apart from the competition.


For SPG, success is simple – it is People. Our customers, vendors and our team members are all people – they are what really matter. The services and products we supply along with the support we provide are not commodity items. We cannot sell via automation and we certainly cannot support our customers with a “system says” mentality. We sell by knowledge and reputation: knowledge of our customers, our products, our team and the market are what make us different.


We offer a renewed philosophy of the way value is measured. A philosophy that requires value be added to every product we sell and every project we provide. In a very technical industry that is becoming more complicated every year, our technical expertise, high level of service and proactive responsibility are a primary part of what SPG offers. We cannot and do not want to be everything to everyone – however, we are the very best at what we do.


Our business IS improving yours – that is our promise to you.