Our People

Our team at Special Projects Group brings the highest level of expertise available in the industry. We embrace and use technology to enhance our services. However, the most valuable resource we offer is our people. We promote a positive environment where our team can feel at home and be themselves. Family is the most important thing in all of our lives and family is always priority one. Our teams’ knowledge, work ethic and attention to detail are what make Special Projects Group such a dynamic organization.

Management Team

S. Alan Pfund - President (email me)
Team Leader of Sales & Application Engineering

Over 25 years in the industry. SPG occupies a significant amount of Alan’s waking time but he takes time to pursue personal interests with family always being first priority. A few years ago he found a new beginning by marrying the sweetest and most loving lady he has ever known. Alan and Jenn have since built a new home they designed and in March of 2012 had their first child together, a baby girl. Fatherhood is by far the most rewarding experience of his life. His wonderful son is now entering middle school and beginning to make the transition from child to young man. Additionally, Alan enjoys cars, cooking, water sports, speed shooting, home design, anything science fiction and volunteering his time for roles needed in his community. 

Tony Novotny - Vice President (email me)

Started at SPG when we opened. Tony’s IT experience goes back to writing Cobol code using punch cards. Tony’s background is by far our most diverse, including cryptography for the government, the FDIC, secondary mortgage market and departmental vice president of several banks. His personal interests include intellectual strategy games, firearms, scotch and all science fiction, even bad sci-fi.

John L. Feininger, Jr. (email me)
Director of Sales & Marketing

John joined the SPG family in 2003 after spending 19 years with one of the leading manufacturers of architectural aluminum products. His career has spanned sales, national accounts and both product and marketing management. Numerous outside interests include golf, snow skiing, Atlanta Braves baseball, basically anything sports related, Vanderbilt University, wine, movies, music, theater and most importantly, his wife and three daughters.

Sales / Application Engineering Team

Bob Findley (email me)
Large Project Sales & Application Engineering

Bob has over 25 years in the architectural industry. Prior to SPG, he gained his experience in contractor building materials, the skylight industry and spent 13 years in the traditional contract hardware, hollow metal and wood door market. Bob’s personal interests include basketball, bicycling and the Atlanta Youth Soccer Association.

Gary Jerkins (email me)
Sales & Application Engineering

With over 20 years in this business prior to joining our team, Gary worked for a national wholesaler. He enjoys his family, the great outdoors, camping, fishing, ghost investigations, riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and is teaching his daughter to ride.

Jem Murdock (email me)
Sales & Application Engineering

Jem joined SPG in the summer of 2008 and brings over 30 years of experience in the hollow metal frame, door and hardware industry. His daily goal is to learn something new every day which makes no project is too small or too large as every one is a learning experience. Jem enjoys all music, especially classical, loves good food, is a movie buff and also a nature and environmental enthusiast.

Mark Lunsford (email me)
Sales & Application Engineering

Mark joined SPG in the spring of 2006. He has over 30 years experience in architectural hardware. During his spare time, he enjoys locksmithing, gunsmithing, all types of motorcycles and especially riding.

Adam Greipp (email me)
Sales & Application Engineering

Adam’s career began working for a custom curtainwall company, followed by a stint at a skylight company and then with a hollow metal, wood door and hardware distributor before joining SPG in 2011. Now that everything he thought he knew does not apply the same as it does with hollow metal & wood doors, he professes to have “a lot to learn”. Adam enjoys weight training, snow skiing, hiking, deep sea fishing and just about any type of motor sport as well as offshore power boating as he has been fortunate enough to have some friends that race in the CAT extreme class.

Michael Hall (email me)
Sales & Application Engineering

Mike started with SPG in 1999. He began his career in the warehouse and has earned a spot on the front end of the business. His attention to detail is superb and he has continued to show an excellent aptitude for hardware applications. His personal interests include music, gaming, and his family.

Jerry Hancock (email me)
Sales & Application Engineering

Jerry joined SPG during the summer of 2005. He brings over 25 years of experience in custom hardware and window manufacturing. His career includes working for three of the leading manufacturers of architectural aluminum; beginning in Pennsylvania through various management positions in Texas and Georgia. Most recently, he was involved with the successful start up of operations at one of the most prominent manufacturing centers in the industry. Outside of the office, Jerry’s interests include his wife Susan of 25 years and two daughters.

Patrick Treleven (email me)
Mechanical Engineering & Design

After 25 years with a leading manufacturer of architectural aluminum entrances, Patrick decided to make a career change and joined SPG in the fall of 2008. He has extensive experience in application engineering, new product development, product enhancements/maintenance, along with product testing and evaluation for market needs. Patrick is a bike spinning enthusiast who also enjoys hiking, jogging, reading, and handyman projects around the house. Patrick and his wife also enjoy spending time with their three daughters living in the Atlanta area.

Cody Richardson (email me)
Mechanical Engineering & Design

Cody joined SPG in late 2012 after 13 years of owning and operating a family business in the security and low voltage industry. While he was sad to say goodbye to his father’s business, the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing and cutting edge industry leader was simply one of which he couldn’t resist. Growing up, he was quite the athlete and played various sports at different times throughout his childhood. The three main sports that he loved the most were basketball, baseball, and wrestling. Cody has four wild children and they pretty much consume most of his time away from his work. However, he does still find time to appreciate music and film regularly. Occasionally, he will slip in some video games or a night of bowling too.

Anita Fortier (email me)
Estimating Coordinator

Anita joined SPG at the beginning of 2009. Previously in construction but on the residential side, she was the executive director of design for a local firm that won Atlanta Home Builder’s Association Gold and Bronze Obie Professionalism Awards nine consecutive years. Her interests include helping her son and twin daughters college and career pursuits, home design, cooking, church, volunteering and spending time with her family, and friends.


Customer Service / Operations Team

Jennifer Pfund (email me)
Customer Service Team Leader

Jenn joined the SPG family in 2002. Her excellent attention to improving process and communication with our customers, vendors and our SPG team members caught our leader Alan's eye. They designed their dream home together and were married in 2009. Their immediate family now consist of their wonderful son Ryan now 11 and their new baby Julia born this year. She is enjoying being at home at this time with her baby but the SPG family loves their visits and hope she will work herself back into the office. Their future looks bright.

Mark Bielak (email me)
Customer Service & Material Coordinator

Mark’s career covers over 25 years in the door and hardware industry. Prior to joining SPG, his time was spent in the area of hollow metal and wood door sales and detailing After spending most of his years at SPG in an estimating and project management role, he is now part of our Mid-order Team where his primary responsibilities include customer service and material management. An avid sports fan, Mark’s main interests outside of SPG are his wife and two teenage sons.

Brenda Langston (email me)
Customer Service & Materials Coordinator

Brenda became part of the SPG family when the hardware distributor she was working for was acquired by SPG in early 2008. With over 20 years experience in the industry, she is a welcome addition to the team. Her interests include reading, old hot rods, particularly a 1933 Essex family car, the art of Tole painting and her Labrador retrievers. Most important of all is spending time with her six grandchildren and being an active part of their lives.

David Kicklighter (email me)
Operations Coordinator – Systems & Processes

David joined SPG in January 2008. His responsibilities include oversight and leadership in customer service, purchasing, fulfillment and IT. Prior to SPG, he spent over 10 years leading operations in both the financial services and construction industries. David relishes time with his wife and three children, cycling, reading and serving at his local church.

Joe White (email me)
Purchasing & Material Management

Joe joined SPG in April 2010 after being self employed for 22 years and having been in the door & hardware industry for more than 30 years. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a B.S. in Industrial Management and has been married for 28 years with three children. Joe enjoys family, college football and soccer.

Doug Oertley (email me)
Materials Coordinator

Over 10 years in the industry and prior to joining SPG, Doug was a production quality control manager for a retail display manufacturer. His attention to detail and high customer service desires are evident in everything he does. Outside of the office, Doug’s interests include spending personal time with his wife and three boys. Also, he is a national high school wrestling official.

Bob Frothingham (email me)
Warehouse & Transportation Manager

Bob has been with SPG since the beginning of 2004. He brings over 20 years of material management experience to the SPG team. Bob moved from Long Island, New York to Georgia in 2003 with his wife and two children. So far, the change in climate and accent has been very enjoyable!

Eddie Hernandez (email me)
Receiving & Staged Order Processes

Eddie returned to SPG in the spring of 2009 after a 3 year hiatus. He loves spending time with his wife, three children, and friends. He also enjoys watching college and pro football, especially fantasy football, fishing, camping, golfing and anything outdoors.

Chad Morgan (email me)
Receiving & Staged Order Processes

Chad came to the SPG family in April of 2011 with experience in warehouse management. He enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends along with fishing and Georgia Football.

Accounting / Operations Team

Pamela Marshall (email me)

Started at SPG in the spring of 2007. Previously spent 23 years helping oversee her husband’s trucking company. Pamela enjoys crafting, sewing, shopping and bike riding and spending time with her hubby, daughter, son and their dog Toasty Paws and granddogs Dougie Fresh and Braveheart and our new addition Pandy.

Karen Schaubroeck (email me)
AR/AP Accounting Processes

Karen has over 25 years of accounting, customer service and administration strengths which she brought to SPG in the spring of 2005. Her fine eye for detail is a real asset in this industry. She has a wonderful husband, three great sons and a new granddaughter which she looks forward to spoiling. Karen also enjoys reading and is in the process of writing a book.

Judy Morgan (email me)
AR/AP Accounting Processes

Judy joined our team in 2004. She is also new to the industry, having decided on a career change from the sales functions in the computer wholesale industry for the past 10 years. Judy brings extensive customer service experience to the team. Her hobbies include being an active Aunt and Great Aunt, movies, reading and anything to do with Walt Disney!

Brean Catledge (email me)
Front Desk & Phones

Brean joined the SPG family in 2006. She works full time here and is going to school for her bachelors degree in accounting. She is in the United States Army National Guard and was deployed to Iraq in 2005 and again to Afghanistan in 2009. While in Iraq, Brean was profiled in a 3-part series by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution; SPG is very proud of her accomplishments in serving our country. She was married to her husband Jonathon in 2011 and enjoys spending time with him, her family and friends.

Ryan R. Pfund (email me)
Time Management Director

11+ years on the job. Has no prior job experience though he displays a natural talent for his position. Ryan enjoys most music, extreme sports (spectator only until getting off his Dad’s insurance), anything with wheels and a motor, soccer, street basketball, BMX, good food, video games, girls and also exhibits his Dad’s “need for speed!” His favorite sport is drift racing.

Julia Pfund (email me)
Executive Director of Everything

Julia (aka Baby Girlfriend) started the end of March of 2012. Though she shares her brother's natural talent for time management (of others, of course), she specializes in domestic operations and parental priorities. Her leadership skills are conveyed through smiling, grinning, smirking, flirting, yelling, squealing, growling, eyebrow movements, waving her arms, kicking her feet, etc. Her interests include being held by Mommy, flirting with Daddy, jumping, cuddling, playing with water bottles, chewing on everything she can get her hands on, Cleo (the kitty cat), and playing with anything she can hold herself.


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